Pharmaceutical product list

Currently, the KD Pharma Group has 3 pharmaceutical drugs in the final stages of development in the US and EU. These new IP protected formulas address the cardiovascular and selected oncology sectors. The KD Pharma Group is also looking for Licensing Partners in various countries for these products. For more information please contact us at:

The KD Pharma Group is the only Omega-3 drug producer that has the full spectrum of separation technologies available on an industrial scale. These include distillation, HPE, SFE, SFC, Urea, Ag-extraction and others. This allows the KD Pharma Group to produce any fatty acid composition for the development and commercialization of new Omega-3 based pharmaceuticals. The majority of all new Omega-3 drug developments receive their API from the KD Pharma Group.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

  • 465375EE (USP) bulk oil
     API for generic LOVAZA in the US and generic LOTRIGA in Japan

  • 460380EE (EP) bulk oil
    API for generic OMACOR in EU and South Korea

  • 550200FFA (USP) bulk oil
    API for generic EPANOVA in the US

Various: We can produce your specific Omega-3 API under full cGMP conditions.

KD Pharma's Approved Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs, mg/g)

KD-Pür® (mg/g) Pharmaceuticals

460380EE (EP) Generic Omacor NLT 40% NLT 34% NLT 80% NLT 90%
465375EE (USP) Generic Lovaza 430-495 347-403 800-880 NLT 90%
550200FFA Generic Epanova 500-600 150-250 not defined not defined