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Leading CDMO for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Solutions

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Creating Health Solutions with us

At KD Pharma GroupTM we create health solutions that enable our customers to commercialize the end-product they envision.

KD Pharma GroupTM is a pure-play, technology-driven CDMO with broad production capabilities and unique expertise in lipids and specialized small molecule products in API & ingredients, as well as softgels, bottling and other finished dosage form services.

Our Services

We offer vertically integrated, technology-driven CDMO services across lipids and small molecules, as well as softgels, liquid bottling and other finish dosage forms.


Leveraging the power and versatility of bioactive lipids like omega-3s to pave the way for ground-breaking pharmaceutical and nutritional solutions.

Small Molecules

We are your partner in developing and harnessing the potential of small molecules to target health challenges.

Finished Dosage Forms

We are leaders in manufacturing difficult-to-formulate finished softgels and liquid health solutions for the nutritional companies to help them meet the diverse needs of consumers.


Our Technologies

KD Pharma Group stands at the cutting edge of pharmaceutical and nutritional innovation, boasting the industry's broadest technology base for purification and synthesis. Our pioneering use of supercritical fluid chromatography for fatty acid separation, coupled with patented lipid purification methods and formulations, positions us ahead of the curve. This technological advantage not only enhances our flexibility and adaptability but also empowers our partners to realize optimal results, making us a preferred choice for those seeking advanced, reliable solutions in the market.

kd-pür® Extraction Technologies
kd-pür® Purification Technologies
Synthesis Technologies
Innovagel® Advanced Softgel Technologies
Why partner with us?

When partnering with KD Pharma Group, customers are not only collaborating with a leading CDMO but are also accessing decades of expertise, innovation, and an unmatched technological breadth in the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. 

Our differentiated approach, rooted in flexibility and agility, allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions that precisely cater to your needs. From custom synthesis to finished dosage forms, our services are underscored by global certifications and a dedication to quality. 

Furthermore, as pioneers in lipid-based pharmaceuticals, we bring to the table a forward-thinking approach that keeps our partners ahead in their respective markets. 

With a foundational commitment to trust, transparency, and sustainability, KD Pharma Group is more than a service provider — we are a partner in your success.

Vertically Integrated
Unique Technology Tool Box
Global Presence
Expertise - Managenement Team
Reliability - Quality



At KD Pharma Group, sustainability is more than a commitment—it's integral to our ethos. 

Using natural resources like fishery products, we prioritize minimal environmental impact while ensuring maximum quality and traceability. With stringent global standards, we balance innovative health solutions with our dedication to a greener future.


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KD LabService is a third-party laboratory that provides highly accurate lipid analysis of omega-3 oils under cGMP conditions.
The transaction expands KD Pharma Group‘s lipids CDMO business and includes the MEG-3® fish oil omega-3 product portfolio and two associated production sites in Canada and Peru