Liquid solutions


As the market for Omega-3 and other lipid products matures, consumers are looking for options. Pure ingredients and pure labels are important drivers, and nothing appeals more to this market segment than having great-tasting liquid and dropper products to choose from without the addition of gelatin shell ingredients and allowing higher doses of an all-natural oil. A tablespoon of liquid is equivalent to 15 large softgel capsules. For the serious health-minded and keto-oriented consumer of healthy oils – liquids are the best and most convenient choice.

At KD Nutra, we have always recognized the importance of offering liquid products to the market. Thirty years ago, when liquid Omega-3 was practically non-existent, we pioneered the development of great-tasting liquids, and assisted leading brands in developing significant, high volume business in this market segment. Since then we have made major investments in our processes, resulting in improved sensory quality, which is essential in liquid formulations.

KD Nutra has developed many custom Omega-3 oil solutions. Our experience and innovation has included the optimization of packaging and bottling, including the enhanced convenience of non-drip pour spouts. We have also provided solutions for the challenges of leaking and stability – all with an eye towards continuous improvements to enhance consumer loyalty. Over the years, KD Nutra has gained valuable know-how with flavors and the effective use of antioxidants. This important competency has resulted in a wealth of stability data that allows us to effectively guide formulation and new product development projects.


  • Pure label, pure ingredients, pure Omega-3.
  • Convenient delivery for the serious Omega-3 consumer.
  • Immediately bioavailable.
  • Excellent choice for children, and for adults that are experiencing pill-fatigue or do not like to swallow pills.
  • Preferred delivery system for pet products.