About us

KD Nutra® is a leading manufacturer of superior quality marine ingredients, with a primary focus on Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish and algae. We offer a full range of fish and vegan oils including minimally processed, highly refined and molecularly distilled products. All products are produced in a pharmaceutical drug-licensed, NSF and cGMP certified facility, and meet or exceed all domestic and international standards for quality and purity.

As part of the KD Pharma Group, KD Nutra®, is uniquely positioned to leverage the expertise of the global leader in pharmaceutical drug Omega-3 manufacturing and the world’s leading producer of customizable Omega-3 products. With support of our softgel center of excellence in Miami, Florida, we can offer you finished products in softgel form, in any shape or batch size, or in bottled liquids from our facility in Norway. Our highly concentrated Omega-3 oils are refined in our German facility, providing the input material to customise you finished product.

KD Nutra®, as part of the KD Pharma Group, is your trusted partner for customized nutraceutical products including extensive marine lipid options. Our commitment to science, sustainability, and vertical integration, ensures a reliable supply-chain of differentiated and effective products.