Products & CDMO Services

Pharmaceutical products

High quality standards and state-of-the-art technology have enabled the KD Pharma Group to become one of the largest Omega-3 API manufacturers in the world. The KD Pharma Group supplies bulk API oil as well as bulk soft-gel capsules to the major Omega-3 pharmaceutical markets around the world, including the USA, EU, Korea and Japan. With over a decade of cGMP experience, KD Pharma offers CDMO services which include process optimization, scale-up and production support over the life cycle of a project.

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Nutraceutical products

The KD Pharma Group utilizes the strictest in pharmaceutical manufacturing practices, producing one of the most versatile nutraceutical Omega-3 product catalogues in the industry. In addition, our Research and Development teams work hand in hand with customers to create unique and innovative products. This allows each of our customers to stand out within their specific market segment.

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