M.O.S.T. – Minimal Odor, Superior Taste

In addition to the utmost purity and quality, The KD Pharma Group’s customers and business partners are also assured of the M.O.S.T. – Minimal Odor, Superior Taste, an acronym which indicates the functional and experiential properties of our oils. These attributes help business and partners create products so fresh and appealing, they practically swim off the shelf.

  • The KD Pharma Group has lead the industry in creating processes to achieve M.O.S.T and every product produced is screened by a trained sensory panel
  • The KD Pharma Group believes consumers have a right to expect M.O.S.T. and have supported development of industry standards and testing methods for fish oil taste and smell
  • Providing oils with M.O.S.T gives customers an advantage in selling omega 3 liquids

Our product development specialists will work closely with your team to create custom blends or bulk finished products. Please contact us for more information about.