Hochentwickelte KD-Pür®-Technologie

Schon seit Anbeginn sind die Herstellungsverfahren der KD Pharma Group speziell darauf ausgelegt, die strengen Richtlinien für pharmazeutische Wirkstoffe (API) zu erfüllen. Diese Verpflichtung, außergewöhnlich hohe Standards zu erfüllen, hat KD Pharma zum führenden Hersteller von Arzneimitteln aus Omega-3-Fettsäuren höchster Reinheit gemacht. Diese strengen Richtlinien gelten für jeden produzierten Tropfen Öl.

Unsere KD-Pür®-Technologie extrahiert und reinigt die Omega-3-Fettsäuren auf schonende Weise in einer pharmazeutischen GMP-zertifizierten Produktionsstätte. Mithilfe dieser innovativen Technologie können hochsensible Omega-3-Fettsäuren ohne massive Belastung durch Wärme, chemische Lösungsmittel (grüne Technologie) oder Sauerstoff schonend gereinigt werden.

Die KD Pharma Group kann dank ihrer zahlreichen Technologien die umfangreichste Auswahl an Konzentraten aus natürlichen Ölen herstellen.

Die Haupttechnologien sind:

  • KD-Pür®-Technologie für Hochdruckextraktion
  • Technologie KD-Pür®-enhanced für Silber- und Hochdruckextraktion

KD-Pür® Supercritical fluid technology

The KD-Pür® Technology is a combination of Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC). This unique combination process delivers a superior quality (and selection?) of Omega-3 concentrates.

The process starts with SFE, which involves using supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) to gently extract ethyl esters from unwanted elements such as glycerides, free fatty acids, dyes, pollutants and cholesterol.

During SFE, Omega-3’s are not exposed to excessive heating and never come in contact with oxygen. It is well known that high temperature impacts Omega3 quality and the elimination of oxygen, protects Omega-3 from oxidation as well as from organisms that would otherwise thrive in an oxygen environment. An additional benefit of CO2 is that heavy metals and other impurities are insoluble in it, which allows for an extremely high level of purity to be achieved without the use of chemicals.

In the SFC process, the oil coming from the SFE process is passed through a chromatographic column which is packed with a highly selective separation material. While passing through this column, the fatty acids get separated according to their size and degree of unsaturation. This allows the individual fractions enriched for specific Omega 3’s to leave the column at separated intervals. Finally the CO2 is released, allowing for an exceptionally high level of purity for the Omega-3 concentrates.

Unlike some other extraction methods, with KD-Pür® technology, no chemical solvents, water, sugar, saturated fatty acids, cholesterol or proteins can be found in the finished oil. 

KD Pür-enhanced technology

KD Pür-enhanced technology is a further development of the KD-Pür® technology, where ultra-high concentrations of EPA; DHA, DPA and other specific Omega-3 Components can be achieved

This technology uses the supercritical process steps and also includes a silver-based extraction steps.

With this technology, natural oils can be extracted to previously unheard-of levels of purity. Ultra-high levels of Omega-3 such as EPA, DHA, DPA, Omega-6, Omega-7, Omega-9 are made into very pure concentrates.

Impurities are minimized to extremely low levels.